Salty Story: by CJ Hobgood. This was the black friday swell. It was the first swell of the year, meaning it was extra crowded. Pipe no matter what swell, will always be the hardest place in the world to catch a wave. I saw the guy on my right paddling for the wave, he was a little deep, and like myself, low on the totem pole out there. I figured if I gave it a good paddle, acted like I was going, and didn't look back it might make him pull back. You can see at the last second I look over my shoulder to see if the dude had pulled back and bingo. Go time. I've always felt that catching a wave at Pipe is harder than riding one. All these decisions you have to make so quick, you need good instincts and only time on the water will give you those instincts to catch a lunker.