North of Nowhere

There lies a stretch of coastline, laden with mystére and adventure.

2 planes, 1 ferry, 5 hours in a truck, 1 short sleep, 1 skiff ride, and the crew got their first look at THE YAG BADGER of Groundswell Adventures, a 1950’s mine sweeper / navy relic converted to a floating surf trip. After high fives, and an anchor pull, Captain Rycam and first mate Douglas set the Yag Badger on course to visit a right hand slab with a mountain backdrop. One boat beer later they were staring at the back of waves detonating on rock reef, with plumes of spray from offshore winds. It is rare that the tide, wind and swell align for this wave to break; this must be the place.

After trading waves with the crew, Lucas said it was one of the funnest surf sessions of his life (backhand). The weather had turned, and the fog started rolling in, so the boys returned to the YAG.

The crew pointed out to sea, headed to a high spot in search of sea creatures from the deep. Under a rainy sky, Lingcod, and rockfish bit the jig and joined them for dinner.

Find Refuge In The Sea.