"HARD RESET" || Levi Slawson || SALTY CREW || Stab Edit of the Year

“I don’t like to hold back,” says Levi Slawson.
And that is evident in his relentless attack on the Indonesian and South African waves that crossed his path while filming his new "Stab Edit of the Year." Levi leaves no lip unsmacked and no air section unblasted. Smooth, clean, but dripping with aggression.

Last year Levi narrowly missed qualifying for the WSL Challenger Series. That meant the next few months that he had designated for bouncing from contest to contest were now freed up.

“Neither Taro (Watanabe) nor I requalified, so I fired up a trip to Indo with Ivan Tanjung to film and direct us. It was perfect because Taro was teaching me how to do turns and I was teaching him how to do airs,” laughs Levi. “A week after arriving home, Taro called and said he was heading to J-Bay.”

The time was not wasted. After what quite literally felt like a “Hard Reset,” Levi returned with a couple hard drives full of A+ clips, a clear head, and ripping harder than we have ever seen.

Levi is back on the Qualifying Series and on a complete tear with his eyes on Challenger Series.

Photography by
Ivan Tanjung and Quinn Graham

Jared's Friends Dave and Paul (Literally not a band. Just a recording by Dave and Paul, good friends of Salty Crew cofounder Jared Lane)
Kikagaku Moyo
The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Edit by Hayden Lane with a whole bunch of help from Levi Slawson