Not Far From Here Film

Not Far From Here

Scoring close to home, all around the world. From Puerto Rico to Western Australia, San Diego to Delaware. See the Global Salty Crew team ripping and bending all around the world in this full length surfing and fishing film.

"We are all a product of our environment. Shaped by the places, and the people around us. By every local ripper you looked up to as a grom, or the tackle shop where your dad took you before your first fishing trip. The smell of surf wax as you walked into the surf shop you worked at in highschool. These are the things that build our story. When our world hits pause, reset, closes down, and shrinks. We all are sent right back to that story. You can travel the world round, and you should, if you can, but in the end, there is nothing like scoring at home."


Lucas Dirkse - Baja California Sur, Mexico
Levi Slawson - Encinitas, California
Quentin Turko - Outer Banks, North Carolina
Colin Herlihy - Frankford, Delaware
Marin Larretche - Guadeloupe, French Caribbean
Carlos "Chispa" Torres - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Justin Lee - Big Island, Hawaii
Chris Zaffis - Gold Coast, Australia
Brett Levingston - Gold Coast, Australia
Jarrah Tutton - Coolangatta, Australia
Zac Haynes Love - Dunsborough, Western Australia
Jerome Forrest - Margaret River, Western Australia
Duane "Diego" Mellor - San Diego, California
Matt Meola - Maui, Hawaii

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