The Garage

The Garage is open. “Shelter at home” has put everything on pause. Reset. Maybe it’s time to migrate to the garage. What’s in the garage?  Maybe your yellowed beat up “magic board” hung up in the rafters or Grandpa's old fishing rods leaning against an old Coors light neon sign. Maybe a quiver neatly lined up and the new board you just picked up from your shaper. Stacks of Costco printed photos of Baja trips from the past. Maybe your fly tying station, or all your camping gear piled up in the corner, ready to go.

We all know and love that feeling, being surrounded by the gear and memories that inspire us. That is why we are setting up this digital Garage. Where we can pile high all the stuff that entertains us, inspires us, maybe just makes us laugh. Stop by and take a look for yourself. Let’s hang out in the Garage. 

Can't help but be inspired by this quote of Teddy Roosevelt. This is a great time for everyone to really focus on that home life. 





How absolutely metal is this old edit of Delaware Local Colin Herlihy


Classic old clips of Greg "Angry Skiff Guy" Trompas