The guys had been dreaming up a trip like this for a long time. The goal? Find a way to borrow the Conquistador, a legendary boat in San Diego Bay they had been drooling over for years. Then round up the crew of the saltiest individuals around, old friends that have been involved with Salty Crew since the beginning, fill the boat with surf boards, fishing rods, and dive gear head west, letting the pacific ocean call the shots. Chasing waves and fish across the southern California bight. Finding Refuge in the Sea.

Duane Diego
Levi Slawson
Brandon Wahlers
Sam Weisman
Lucas Dirkse
Jared Lane

A very special thanks to Klayton Belden, Trevor Mitchell, and the crew at El Cajon Ford.
Written, Narrated and Edited By
Hayden Lane

Filmed by
Matt Neustadter

Photography by
Kyle Cannon