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Matt Meola Gift Guide

A gift guide from "The Caveman" himself. 

A prehistoric wildman that is pushing surfing into the future. He lives on the island of Maui. He's a hunter. And a gatherer. He hunts with a spear underwater, a bow on land, and thruster in the air, and he's gatherer of epic surf clips of him landing video game style airs that most can't even dream of landing.

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Lucas Dirkse Gift Guide

A Gift Guide from the Pocket Knife himself. Whether he is shaping his own surfboards, rebuilding busted up pangas he finds down in Baja, or supplying the local restaurants with fresh caught Tuna and Yellowtail for some extra money on the side. Few people put their gear through the rigorous testing that Lucas does. And if it doesn't work he’ll say so.

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Levi Slawson Gift Guide

The professional grom. Levi has been part of the crew since before he could legally drive and his mom had to sign a special form to let him travel with us. Now hes grown up, travelling the world, knocking on the door of the top 33 in the Championship series, and catching fish with the boys when he has the chance.

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